Who we are, and how we came about.

Income Tax Professionals & Tax Accountants in Melbourne

Axle Edge Accounting Group was started with the goal of providing high quality, honest and  factual information to our clients. Our team pride themselves to be able to provide valuable advice to our clients in ‘Plain English’. In doing so, clients are more likely to understand the tax system and the overall process becomes more manageable.

Founder of Axle Edge Accounting Group, Xavier Xi is a CPA Public Practitioner, who truely believes the public practice industry should always consider the public first, and then his practice second. Without clients, there would not be the need for accountants in the first place.

Our business model aims to empower our clients to understand the importance of our role as their accountant. Clients should always feel comforted that we are looking out for their best interests at all times.

We believe that when communication and transparency is at its peak, it enables us to provide our clients with quality service, and solutions that not only match your needs, but more importantly your budget. We take our work very seriously, and one key element we preach at Axle Edge Accounting Group is to enable our clients to ask, and for us as the accountant, to listen.

The Brand & Our Story as an Accounting Firm

The brand Axle Edge Accounting Group has a story behind it. ”My first two clients to accept our practice as their accountant were two sole trader mechanics. Til this day, both are still valued clients of ours, and have grown their businesses respectively. I owe it to these loyal clients so much, I named our accounting firm after a mechanical car part’.

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Self Managed Superannuation Funds

Accountants who advise clients to set up their own Self Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF) will soon have to be licensed.

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